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Hours of Operation
We are open for the 2015 Season!

Deliveries available
7 days a week,
call John:

Visa and MC accepted

We deliver to:

Spokane, WA
Spokane Valley, WA
Coeur d'alene, ID
Athol, ID
Colbert, WA
Colfax, WA
Davenport, WA
Deer Park, WA
Endicott, WA
Fairfield, WA
Freeman, WA
Kellogg, ID
Latah, WA
Loon Lake, WA
Mead, WA
Mica, WA
Newport, WA
Oaksdale, WA
Plummer, ID
Post Falls, ID
Priest River, ID
Reardon, WA
Rockford, WA
Sandpoint, ID
Sprague, WA
Sringdale, WA
Spirit Lake, ID
St. John, WA
St. Maries, ID
Suncrest, WA
Teokoa, WA
Tyler, WA
Valleyford, WA
Wallace, ID
Wilbur, WA
and more!

Beauty Bark Plus - Spokane Landscaping Supply

Beauty Bark Plus, Inc., has been in business at the same location in Spokane going on 25 years now and we owe it all to you....the greatest people in the world have walked through our doors.   Beauty Bark Plus, Inc. has Spokane's finest landscaping supplies. Whether you are looking for sand, gravel, dirt, bark, or compost, we have plenty for your needs. We deliver or welcome you to stop by and pick it up. Thank you for visiting us.

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Good Measures!!

No Beauty Bark Plus we give full old fashioned measures